All posts for the month May, 2017

Yes, yes. Many of them. Deca Maximvs.

I got outta the bush a few days ago, and am returning in a few days. I’m at Camp 10 now—far, far away from the ill-fated Camp 9—, and it’s awesome.

See? 10 has two digits, and yet 9 only has one…

What else…?

Oh, the Oilers made the Playoffs for the first time in ten years…

(Fuckin Ducks. Dirtbags, douchebags, fucknuts.)

I’ve been doing this version of Nordiblog for ten years…

And I first came down to ‘Chelt in 2007—another ‘ten years’ ago.

So there we have it.

All is well.

Will post pics next month.