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Who can you trust?

A short pre-amble: I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything; if you feel the “New World Order” is a myth dreamed up by nuts, well, best stop reading now. This is not for you—I’m not here to persuade you; it’s not my agenda. People need to think for themselves and decide for themselves, hopefully after doing some digging from as many independent sources as possible…but I doubt this occurs very often today. So whichever.

This is for people who have reached a certain level of consciousness, I suppose, or even merely possess an open mind or consider themselves “free-thinkers.”

So, now that no one at all is reading this entry, I’ll continue. The question is repeated: Who can you trust?

If you’ve wisened up, become more aware, you might say, “Well, shit, man, certainly not the fuggin News!”

Aye. Good. That’s good for you, my friend. It’s the perfect place to start.

Once we break free of the State-run propaganda ministry and begin to burst out of our socially engineered shells, the world seems dark and scary. That’s because it is. And it’s supposed to be this way. And this is what adult beings face, adapt to, and endure as fully grown natural forms of life on this planet.

We just never knew it because the “West” has created a nursery for us, a land of fantasy, with as many distractions and sources of pleasure and escape that you could ever conceive; a way of life that the remainder of the world does not know, and has never known. It’s all delusion. It was done to infantilize us. To keep us in a progressively child-like state, so that eventually we would whole-heartedly accept the (Global) State (and those who engineered it) as our parent, our guardian and master, to obey them and have the same respect for them as we would our mother and father. They want to be loved by us—they want to be gods again—and whoever they allow to live will be their utter, unflinching, abject servants. And, fucking hell, it has worked. These fuckers know what they’re doing. They want us to embrace our own subjugation and misery; they want us to help them enslave us. They want to be able to kick us in the teeth a few dozen times, and then have us smile a bloody smile, thank them profusely, and beg to lick their assholes.

Don’t believe me? See ancient Rome. See ancient Sumer, Babylon, Greece, Egypt. It’s already been done. It’s happened before, and it will happen again.

I dont see any evidence of this happening today and we have Bill of Rights and all sorts of things!! u r crazy!!!!!

Patience, child. Just wait . . . just . . .wait . . .

Actually, there is a lot of evidence to be found, but I’m not getting into all that right now.

For folks who have been conditioned to not really think for themselves, it can be a grueling task, sifting through internet media sites which claim to be alternative or independent. It can become utterly overwhelming.

Why? Because there’s no way to know what their actual agenda is. Some are up front about it—they’ll talk about “workers” and the “classes” and so forth, the easily identifiable rhetoric of the Marxist (the elites’ current Useful Idiot of Choice—at least for the last two hundred years). And this should be avoided more gravely than any religious site regarding any religion (with the exception of the Eco-control-freaks, the feminists, and the racists—the anti-Jewers).

But others seem to be completely cool and harmless. When you’ve been confined and guided information-wise for most of your life to accept only what “Authority” tells you, any other source is met with intense and irrational skepticism by default. In other words, a closed mind. And likely some “learned helplessness” as well.

What happens is we—rather than thinking—immediately lunge for some sort of Authority, some symbol, clue, anything, or anyone who will tell us what we’re supposed to believe; what we’re supposed to think. Because we have know idea—when in doubt or when something confuses the hell out of us, we fall back to the familiar…this is no secret—once we lose a belief system based upon lies, we become incredibly vulnerable to even worse beliefs.

Here’s a great measuring stick for deciding whether or not you actually believe in a Force above and beyond our material world—because we only seem to seek out Authority when we actually have no sense of “God” or a “Higher Power” or whatever it may be, something non-material that’s greater than we are. And we get used and abused by facades of Authority which are always based in the material. (Symbols; idols. Stone and gold statues. It’s happened again and again; every movement becomes religion and then becomes a cash-cow (and control grid) for the ruling oligarchs. The institutionalization of a spiritual philosophy.)

When we have this Faith, let’s call it, we are not so desperate to frantically dash towards some illusion of Authority. We already know; we are secure. Plus, I think, our more spiritual memes seem to have more of an immune system regarding the more material memes.

Once we shed certain old memes, we are in many ways like an addict who has stopped a drug—his physiology (specifically in the brain) has been changed and so now he is vulnerable to another drug, or another thing that acts like a drug upon the pleasure center of the brain. So, when we lose our old childhood memes, we are desperately seeking new memes. This is why Christians who have shed their faith or just lost it, for whatever reason, almost always turn to another religion sooner or later. This is how the New Age (old Pagan shit with a new clothes) junk fills the desperate so quickly, and so deviously. New memes enter, and the high has returned. The only way to sustain the high is to recruit new members—every time the meme spreads, the carrier gets high through the process.

[The neopagans are getting revenge on Christians, it seems, since it was the Catholic Church which went way out of its way to gobble up those pagans on the borders of the New Roman Empire; the Mother Church.]

This is also why many people who have quit a certain drug become such fanatics—preaching their new anti-drug gospels is actually getting them high. Poetic…

It’s just part of our biology that gives us chemical rewards for learning, and teaching.

Anyroad, we seek out Authority.

“Oh, this guy’s a DOCTOR, well then, I will pay attention.” The Professional, of course, is an extension of the Authority. (They were the original priests and priestesses who worked in the temples and served their ruling oligarchs, those who claimed divinity under names such as Isis, Kubaba, Ishtar/Astarte, and later the sordid cast of characters that comprise the mythology of all the Iron and Bronze Age empires and city-states.) He or she is a State-Approved mouth-piece, in essence.

And so that’s the problem. You run through a gauntlet of bullshit, of all sorts of people who titter and boast to their friends later that they fucked over someone and took their money. Liars. Cunts.

And if you make it through this meat-grinder alive (without falling for even worse bullshit), you’re left in a jaded, bitter state, and your first instinct is to not believe a fucking thing.

But if you still have an open mind, and your soul has not been sold—nor have you sold yourself—then you might be fortunate enough to come to something that has the most truth in tact. And maybe that’s why you’re reading this right now. I dunno.

What I do know is that all this junk happened to me, and I understand it well.

Myself, I never heard of the New World Order until about 1996 (in a Ministry song called “NWO”—New World Order); I’d never heard any politician talking about it, any professional, any TV station, any movie, any book, no one. I knew nothing about it. Had no idea what it might be, and I didn’t care.

It wasn’t until I began uncovering this feminist agenda (in earnest from 2004-2007), as well as researching the 9/11 conspiracy, that I first heard of the word, “Illuminati.” And, at the time, like most people, I dismissed it as the ravings of the religious.

When I began reading (Rich) Zubaty’s stuff in 2007 (and, dammit, I hope you’re still alive, bro), his truths, new ideas, and right-brained approach to writing really helped clear away many of the old memes infecting my mind, and planting a few new ones (which were really pre-historic ones, not new at all; just repressed and forgotten).

It helped me, first, to forgive women and, second, to realize that they weren’t to blame for what I went through in my life.

Anyway, it wasn’t until I found out that there really was an organization called the “Illuminati” that I began to take this stuff seriously. This was around 2011. It disturbed me, but it didn’t surprise me; I knew for years that JFK was assassinated by his own people (government types), and I had never trusted the Establishment, not even as a kid. But how I was duped in such things as the JFK Conspiracy was that I was convinced it was an evil deed carried out by Republicans (conservatives); given I was an atheist at the time, and anti-religious, it was natural to just assume that Republicans were rich Christians and thus my enemies.

[It was the same way we were duped by the Michael Moore films—Fahrenheit 911 anyone? There’s no inquiry in this film into the real minds behind it all; it was simply blamed on the “neocons” and it was reinforced that the poor liberals were the good guys who cared and shared and wanted the world full of yummy candy and fluffy bunnies. What’s diabolical about Moore’s work is not what he reveals; it’s what he omits. And what he omits is the entire truth. Because he has an agenda, and everything he does is for the furthering of this (not actually his) agenda. He’s a shill. A hypocritical, deceptive fraud. A cunt.]

And shortly after that I began researching it and this “New World Order.” So, I’m really late to the game here. I feel like I’m the last player to dress and arrive out on the field for the big game.

Why was I so late?

I probably would have gotten into it a lot sooner—maybe my mid-20s—but I was consumed in the UFO Conspiracy. Yes, I was a teenage flake. Well, twenty-something anyway, and not really a flake but a believer, for sure. I studied it for years (age 22-27). This distraction wasted years of my life, untold hours of writing and reading, and seeking out more and more information, trying to arrive at the truth. The lack of evidence and bizarre leaps of logic accumulated to such a point that all I had were a million more questions, an addiction to codeine and chronic headaches and chronic depression, and confusion.

Confusion. And that was the goal all along. I began to realize that getting into this shit ultimately lead to despair; what could I do about alien entities in league with power structures of civilization here on Earth? It was out of my control. It was all pointless.Yeah, the aliens have been coming here for thousands of years, and everyone knows about them, and that’s why it’s all a big cover up? There’s simply no other explanation except for alien intervention? Well, the believers never think about anything else; they’re obsessed. They’re religious. You question them and when it reaches something they cannot answer, they turn and start insulting you and attacking you, making claims about you. That’s when you know you’ve just toppled a house of cards. It was built on conjecture, New Age horseshit, and all manner of sketchiness.

Finally, I just quit and decided: there were more important things to think about, such as the dismal, miserable, wretched disaster which was my life.

My final thoughts on this UFO shit…

Show »

Now, don’t fucking talk to me about “oh it’s arrogant to think we’re alone in the blah blah blah.” Alright? I’ve spewed that shit for years. It is irrelevant. It’s like studying the history of sails while the ship is sinking; yeah, it’s interesting, but it’s not helping anyone or working towards a solution for anything. Who is going to benefit from your escape into fantasy? Obviously, only those who constructed this distraction in the first place and have fed it through sci-fi literature and TV and movies.

“OMFG how do you explains all the sightings of ufos and all the people whove been abducted lolol???”

1. Natural phenomena explains a lot of it; experimental aircraft probably explains most of the rest—yes, I believe the technology we have today is old. Everything we see has probably been around for centuries, hidden, because that’s what these people know how to do best: hide shit. It is their only real skill (other than controlling others); they’ve been at it since the Flood. They are members of a sketchy religion surrounding hidden knowledge. What the fuck do you think they’ve been hiding all these years? A found alien spaceship?

Please tell me how in the fuck does a super advanced species (capable of annihilating the entire planet with death rays) not destroy humanity when they’ve had thousands of years to do it?

“OMFG the Annaukizskites want to enslave us!!!’

Want to? So they have not done so, even though they’ve had the means? What’s stopping them? God? Satan? The pink elf people on Planet X? Magic? Superman? What?

And how the fuck do you know their names?

And sticking probes up our anuses does what, precisely? Can’t they scan us somehow? If they can beam us up from above tree-top level, why can’t they beam us up from orbit? Why would they need to descend into our atmosphere at all? Why do they mutilate cattle and make artistic designs in fields? Are these aliens pranksters? Misunderstood artisans? And what the fuck do you expect me to do about it all? None of this makes any sense at all.


And so it goes. On and on and round and round. Madness. The answers inevitably edge into some New Age religious crap. There really is no discussion possible with a zealot; all he wants to do is convert you. And that’s it. And all you want to do is get him to question some of it, just a fucking little. But he never will. He’s gone. Gone. And he ain’t coming back. They have him.

I think these oligarchs have had technology monstrously more advanced than what the masses knew about, and they’ve gradually brought it out when it suited their purposes. This is how their paid stooges in high positions of academia manage to invent such wonderful things, out of the blue; it’s how these people can effect prophecies too. (You say something will be invented, although it already has; then you wheel it out right on schedule, and the masses gape in awe. And offer their support and allegiance to the Wizards. Great Magix! Ohhhhh…they have sway with the gods… I say fellows like Nostradamus were insiders of this hierarchy.)

Anyway, I will admit that some UFOs are simply a mystery and probably always will be. You just have to be humble enough to admit that we don’t know everything; the universe is a fucking big place. If it’s arrogant to say we’re alone in the universe (and it’s arrogant to think that other life forms aren’t intelligent in the first place, that only humans are or could be), it’s also arrogant to presume they’re coming here for us. It’s arrogant, as well, to presume you know what they are and why they’re here. Go check into this batshit crazy shill:

It’s also very limited to presume that the only explanation of an unidentified flying object is alien origin.

Unidentified! Calling it “alien” is identifying it—with no evidence whatsoever. So, it’s not a UFO since you’re telling me what it is, without an open mind; it’s an AFO (Alien Flying Object). You’re guessing and accepting something that has been designed for you to accept; like a child brought to a playground…some distraction while the adults talk. You’re so fucking brainwashed with this shit you can’t even understand what I’m saying and you can’t even come up with an accurate, non-State given name for these things!

2. I think abductions are conducted by covert agencies of governments, and special effects are employed, drugs are given. I don’t know to what purpose except to convince people they’ve been kidnapped by ET.

This can be done very, very easily. They were able to do it even before WWII ended, for crissakes.

Bottom line…

Possibility is not evidence. Probability is not evidence. Anecdotal tales is not evidence. Weird things in the sky is not proof of either alien visitation or alien intelligence.

Government agencies guarding some strange building and allowing “leaks” to slip out regarding what’s inside is not evidence of a conspiracy, necessarily; it’s in fact more evidence of a cover-up based upon disinformation.

Build something, restrict all info about it, and stick soldiers in front of it with guns, and what you get is throngs of people trying to stick their noses into it. What’s in that building? Probably nothing at all; it’s a campaign to lease large tracts of real estate inside your head. The more you compulsively seek the “truth” of bogus shit, the less likely you will be to ever come near the Truth of anything.

As long as you swallow their bullshit, your mind is theirs. What consumes your thoughts controls your life. You are deluded, on purpose, all the while thinking you have touched the truth. Yet all the while you have become a tool for the very forces to which you were initially opposed.

Now, I’ve touched upon this shit before, but I feel it’s imperative to finish the subject. So, onto the Delusion part of this…

So, okay, I’ll just come out with it: every movement based on freedom and truth is infiltrated and hijacked, in order to cause division. Division is necessary because it destroys unity. Those oligarchs in control today have one great fear: us. If we ever got our shit together and became unified, they’d be finished. And they know it. (They’ve seen it many times—obviously, I’m not implying that these are the same folks, that they’re immortal; no, they’re more fanatical than any religious type we’ve ever seen or heard about, more secretive, more connected and organized, as a group…they plan generationally and seem to have inhuman patience, which is why I suspect some believe they are mythical or other-worldly beings. But they’re not, they’re as weak and flawed as we are. Weaker and more flawed, in fact. But that’s another subject.)

How has the Truth Movement been co-opted? The resurgence of the UFO cults, as I’ve already mentioned, the one that got me.

I suspect it was meant to increase the rift between religious members and non-religious members; implying that scenes and writings in various religious texts were the result of alien entities and their various types and designs of flying saucers…well, this means that these religious folks’ beliefs are not true; they’re not “gods” or “God,” just little green men. Little grey men. Blue creatures from other worlds. Whichever, pick a colour and size and invent a name for them and their planet of origin (or say they came through a wormhole), grab your crystals and Taro cards, and you’re on the way to the New Age (neo-pagan) agenda.

So, the hi-jacking of the Truth Movement consists of the following…

I. UFO religion.
II. The Reptilians.
Which is just a tangent off the UFO cults and other paranormal stuff, which is all leading back to neo-paganism, billed as New Age Spirituality. Ego worship, Wiccan garbage, astrology, and similar utter nonsense, sucked up quickly and greedily by weak people.

And I don’t exclude myself as being weak—I fell into shit that seemed to promise strength and brotherhood. It’s easy to get into if you’re isolated and feeling weak, physically, emotionally, spiritually, whatever. So, I’m not putting anyone down.

It’s just Paganism coming back. You atheists think things were bad under so-called Christian Rule, spend a couple years under this new shit coming, and you’ll be fuckin begging to have a Bible-thumper shout at you that you’re going to Hades.

III. Satanism.

Now, I think this was an invention custom-made for Christians (who these elites seem to despise more than any other group), and it was set up a long, long time ago (see Lilith)). Of course it works for Catholics, Jews, and Muslims. But Christians I’ve found seem to have more of a fixation on this figure, and all the demons and angels that go with it.

So, let’s review: we have the group called the “Illuminati,” which is just a name that I suspect merely wink-wink-nudge-nudges towards the view that Lucifer is behind this global plot.

This is what made me first go Pffft when someone mentioned the Illuminati to me. It was designed to do this.

The UFO and Reptile crap is meant to draw in the non-religious, even though it’s full of the religious.

What these three things have in common: the average person can do absolutely nothing about it. What can you do to stop an alien invasion, either by ships or by giant lizards coming out of the earth? What?

And you can do nothing about Satan or Lucifer either—unless you join a religion and band together and pray, and hope for Christ to return and smite this evil entity. Or whatever. But you’re not directly involved…

The intended psychological effect is helplessness.

Okay, I’ll do one more:

IV. The Jews.

This one covers the race angle; the KKK and White Supremacists were set up by the elite cock-smokers for this very purpose: division.

I almost fell into this one, too; it took over a decade for me to figure out what was going on.

So, the Jews are behind everything. Zionists, ZOG, all of that shit. And I think some Jewish people are put in place to fuel this delusion.

Now, what can the average person do about shady figures in the upper strata of society, with big nose noses and evil grins, rolling about in swimming pools full of gold coins?

Nothing. Only their racist leaders know what’s to be done: send all the impure races back to ______. That’s it. That’s the old dead horse they’re still beating. And always will.

But I can’t blame them, really. I never believed in the Star Trek philosophy (again, it took years for me to comprehend exactly what I hated about this show), mixing the races and ending up with one dull, mediocre, light-brown ball of mashed potatoes. What species in nature has ever done this? Why would it?

Tigers don’t work with leopards; coyotes don’t live with wolves; some species of deer will hang out with other species, if they happen to be on the same prairie…but once they’re done eating (it was only tolerated to add a few more eyes—scouting for big cats and packs of wild dogs—in the mix, while they ate), they go back to their own kind. They don’t live together. Even the zebra are wise enough to know not to fuck the wildebeest.

Now, see what I’m saying here: I do not believe in mixing races; every race is unique and cool in its own right; why would we want to destroy that? We piss and moan when the rare three-banded whatever frog of wherever goes extinct…but it doesn’t bother us that an entire people were bred out of existence? And no, I do not think my race is better than anyone else’s (quite the contrary); it’s just different. But we should not be tossed in together, forced to live together, and have our inherent tribalism provoked and aggravated so continuously—to what fucking end if not an inevitable global empire?

Why are we being herded towards this psychotic conformity by people we don’t know, never voted for, and never even met? Who is going to benefit from all this engineering? Us? Have we so far…?

Every time humans are duped into gathering in some city, what we naturally do is separate and stick to our own. This is our deep biology at work; something wants us to be unique and different, and not all the same. I think this for men and women too; we should not be around women all months of the year. The only result of this has been the blurring of genders, the weakening of men, and the strident sense of entitlement and the utter confusion (and sometimes near madness) of women. And members of each gender who cannot stand their opposite half.

This is division, it’s not what I want—which is exactly what we were twenty thousand millennia ago. Freedom and balance was what we used to enjoy; differences and challenges, strength and honour, and the capacity for compassion, humour, and a healthy life in which we understood our place in the world.

What we’ve been forced to endure has been the opposite of this: we’ve been rolled into one amorphous blob, and yet we are more divided and fucked up than at any point in our history. Racism is worse than it was in the 1960s; and there such a rift between the genders that I’m not sure if it will ever be repaired, fully.

Enough of that.

So, what we have is Alex Jones (Lucifer is guiding the elite to create a New World Order) calling David Icke (Reptilian aliens are the elite) a turd in the punch bowl…although he’ll interview David on his show.

Then we have Mark Dice (Lucifer is guiding the elite to create a New World Order) making fun of Alex and calling him this and that, even though they used to work together and now do again.

Then you have the really serious religious types (who probably believe absolutely everything told in the Bible; giants, people living 900 years, talking animals, and all manner of magic and miracles and God talking and so forth, none of which happens anymore) calling Alex a shill because he won’t claim that the Jews are behind it all. Like Bill (Lucifer and UFOs are behind it all) Cooper fanboys. And because Bill died, now they reason that because he died (because he knew too much, or something), and Alex is still around, Alex must be a fake.

And then you have Alan Watt, who I suspect might be the closest thing we will get to someone who (a) knows a fuck of a lot about all this stuff, (b) is not falling all over himself to make a truckload of money out of this, or gain fame and celebrity status out of it, and (c) appears to be telling the truth without an intense and blatant agenda like so many others.

Yes, Alex Jones has an agenda aside from the obvious; I sense he’s sincere about the ’cause,’ but he is a Christian and all this fits neatly into the “End Times” scenario that most religious people have been conditioned into believing, and I suspect this Apocalypse story was designed for this reason. And these elites put their plans into action, in the last couple of centuries, they’re fulfilling the requirements as well for the End of Days stuff.

Alex also makes a lot of money off this stuff; his set-up is very professional looking, and his face is everywhere, on everything. I’m always suspicious of this behaviour—Mark Dice is the same. Nice clothes, smiling face seen everywhere, and lots of things for sale.

Buy my book and learn the truth! Because we need your help…but only if you’ve got money. Poor people no welcome.

So, if this is their philosophy, how precisely are they different from these “elites?”

Why are any of these guys still alive, if the NWO is so powerful and so close to completing their goals?

And I’ve already given Icke more attention than he deserves. He can fuck a duck. I’m 99% sure he’s an insider douche.

I don’t trust Dice. He might be alright, but he just rubs me the wrong way.

Alex Jones? I dunno. Still wondering about him. Sometimes he’s got me convinced; sometimes, I start asking myself questions. I’m about 85% sure that Jones is the real deal (maybe 50% for Dice).

Jesse Ventura is another guy I like, but I’m still not 100% sure about him. I’m maybe 90% sure he’s one of the good guys.

Rich Zubaty, I’m about 95% sure he’s the real deal.

Alan Watt, maybe 90%. I’m not sure of his religion, and so I’m not sure about his agenda.

All of these folks have an agenda outside the conspiracy business and conspiracy culture.

But don’t we all have our own petty little agendas?

What is the result of all this?

Consider: say you find 99 people who are aware of the New World Order coming. Now, together you make 100, and that would be quite a force, a great beginning. But say you were one of these evil elite whack-jobs…how would break up this force.


Get 30% of them to believe it has something to do with UFOs. Get 5% to believe that it has something to do with Reptilians. Get 20% to believe that it’s all just a big Jewish plot. And get 40% to believe that it’s the End of Days and this is the way the Anti-Christ is coming to claim “his” empire.

What’s left?

Five percent.

Five people out of every hundred who is not distracted with fucking fiction (not to mention that only one person out of a few thousand would actually believe any of this anyway; so the numbers might look like 5 out of 5,000 of the regular John Q Public). While everyone else fights among themselves until it’s too late, you and your small force is simply insufficient to do much. Besides, two of the five won’t fight because they believe in peaceful protest only.

Yep. Math really is fucking merciless.

What does this equal?

Doom. Division equals doom.

This is why I don’t think these globalists will be stopped (or even can be stopped at this point) even if we could get our shit together, which we just won’t; only through a truly united resistance will we eventually prevail. And I’ll fight with them (the types of people I’ve mentioned above), Christians and atheists alike, since our only goal at that point will be freedom, even though my kind of world “disorder” or natural society will never happen. If I survive the shit hitting the fan, and survive the resistance, if we win before I die (of old age), I’ll be back on my mountain by myself, I expect. Once more, I will not fit into the civilization they will either take over or rebuild.

And then it will start all over again, because we will never eradicate the planet of every member of these globalists…like a cockroach, they hide and creep back in when the lights go out.

The only way to be sure is to prevent the technology from progressing—more and more I understand the minds of those men thousands of years ago, those men who came up their one male deity, and the laws and stipulations they had to try to enforce; they’d encountered these evil cunts before, they lived through what we’re going through now.

Anyway, it’s tough to find sources truly independent and not infested with some goddamned agenda.

How can you tell? Hmm? How do you tell who’s the real deal?

Well, you can’t. Like anything else, there no absolute certainty. It’s never 100% and so you have to take a chance—I’ll use the unpopular word, faith, here, because that’s what it is.

Well, considering the techniques of the powers that be, and their current level of technology, well, I’m not sure one could be 100% sure the person they’re watching on YouTube is “good” or “bad” or just one of the money-grubbers cleaning up on the fear that permeates all society as the shadow of the Globalist Agenda ramps up.

How do you know?

Ask questions. (And ignore the little yipping trolls everywhere seeking to discredit someone just to jam their own demented version into your ear. Beware the “_______ is a shill” or the “________ is disinfo.” These fucking little twats never back up anything they put forth; they either drop their tiny speck of feces and run away, or they parrot what someone else said. They’re the fuckin shills. They’re the motherufckers creating division. Ignore these tools.)

What is this person saying, and why is this person saying this? What is motivating this person?

What the person is saying must be researched and checked out; if you can check out and confirm 55% of it, odds are the rest is right on too. I’ve done this with Zubaty (checking out maybe 80% of what he said) and Jones (about 75%), and so now I know most of it and don’t have to look up much that someone like Alan Watt is saying.

In fact, I’ve never heard anyone who thinks along the same lines as I do and has said/written so much of the same things as I have…than Zubaty and Watt. The three of us have invented our own wheels—of course those two are many years ahead of me.

I discovered Zubaty in 2007; Jones in 2011, along with Dice; Icke I’d heard about back in 2008, but I never got into that shit. Alan Watt I had not heard about until less than a couple weeks ago, so, 2014.

More questions to ask:

What are their family connections? Have they ever worked for a corporation or government? How much money do they have?—because the more they have, the less you should trust them.

How much of what they say they know do they share? Do we need to buy their book to know “the whole story?” What’s the context with which they share this?

Why, if they are so sincere and desperate to stop this hideous plot, would they not share the knowledge and not profit from it? What it their real agenda—money?—an inevitable Christian State?—or a free and open society in which, above all else, people have the inherent and inalienable right to be left the fuck alone?

Who is their real enemy—these globalists, or those whose religions differ from their own?

Above everything else, trust your own instincts.

Take me for example. If I had “my way,” we’d all be hurled back into the Stone Age. And no rulers, no organized religion, no business. Just trade and barter, and living how you want. People could believe what they wanted, but no organization, which was always meant to convert and consume outsiders; assimilate. We’d be nomadic hunter-gatherers. There would be few rules or laws; I’d like to redevelop the conscience of humanity somehow, to its original state, so these things would be givens again and no formal law would be necessary; but one big rule would be about technology—come to a point and stop, for fuck sakes. I’m not anti-tech; I’m anti-Progress. I’m anti-insanity. Like “God and Mammon,” as Jesus warned, you cannot serve two masters. You can’t serve a natural way of life and Progress at the same time. It’s one or the other. One’s always material; one’s always spiritual.

And you always have a choice, and the time to decide.

When you have a great way of life, getting “better” is not needed…and in fact becomes the opposite of what was intended. Would there be a place for gays? Sure—they could go far away from us and start their tribe somewhere. Do as you like, just stay away from our tribe; I don’t hate you guys and gals, I just want to live among heteros only. Sorry, I guess I’m a dinosaur.

Et cetera. Pure fantasy. It will never happen. But if I had “my way,” that’s what I’d do. Free us all. Regress back to a sane state.

Realistically, without god-like powers and time-traveling ability, if I had my way I’d just live in the mountains somewhere, as naturally as possible. I’d have a mate and children, and I’d have a few neighbours nearby, and we would be nomads who perhaps winter in the same spot. The men and the boys would take shifts being away from the females on month-long hunting trips, so that the genders weren’t constantly squished together. Materialism would have to be out-lawed, I’m afraid, if we could not agree on a philosophical mode of doing things. This would be the only area I will never compromise. Never.

Everything else is basically fine.

And I know this wouldn’t work either. Which is why I’m no longer an idealist—if you’re looking for a blue-print for the perfect utopian society, keep looking. I don’t have it.

Hmm. How about this: first, a planet like Earth would have to be confirmed livable and uninhabited; second, a massive ship would have to be built; third, a few thousand Natives would be darted, tranquilized, put into suspended animation, and the ship launched for that planet; lastly, after the Natives were removed by drones and set into the new nature (regaining consciousness on some sort of time delay), the drones would destroy the ship and then self-destruct into a billion microscopic pieces.

Then the Natives would wake up, without knowledge of the machines, and begin their new life. Meanwhile, every nuclear and biological weapon on Earth would be activated, detonated; all sources of water poisoned, all of the atmosphere obliterated; all complex life destroyed, including all of us.

There. We’re taken care of; the evil we do cannot escape and infect other worlds, and yet the best of our species will survive. And eventually life would return, over a few thousand years, with the planet being left alone to recover, in God’s good time,  as they say.

So, go ahead—attack my agenda, but that would be mine if I ever had means to do it.

Which is impossible, so my only real agenda is just living free and being left alone, either by myself, with someone else, or in a small group.

Anywhat, it’s always good to challenge shit, and not to dismiss something in haste. Give it a chance, look into it, and then decide.

So, I dunno. Take what information you can, find allies (even if, like me and the fellows above, we don’t agree on everything), and for the love of all that’s green and good in the world, think carefully before joining groups.

As far as protest goes, well…

Let’s just say you’re taking your chances. I wouldn’t recommend it—protest is utterly pointless at this stage of the game. No change will be effected—the only potential outcome would be opening the eyes of people who do not know what’s coming and-or do not care.

As for signing petitions, no. For fuck sakes, no! You do know your name gets put on a list, right? You do know you’ll be treated as a “terrorist,” right? You do know that this system is all a fucking facade and nothing will result except the eventual incarceration of you and probably other members of your family?

Just don’t do it. Your kids are going need parents.

Anyway, be careful of groups. They are always the first thing infiltrated by the establishment. If the foxes have invited all you chickens into their little club to fight some common enemy, well, that’s how the devious operate, and if you remain in a suspiciously alert state of mind, you will be able to sniff them out. Keep your senses sharp, folks. It’s going to be tough fighting through all this rubbish, all these distractions; fighting each other; and fighting our own conditioning and mistrust to try to get involved somehow and fight for freedom before getting fucked up before the battle starts…when all the while we should have been fighting the real enemy, the engineers of our demise.

I really hope people start smartening up regarding this “peaceful protest” horseshit; this isn’t Vietnam. They don’t need our support, our votes, our permission; they don’t fucking care; in fact, they don’t need us any more at all. The hippy movement is dead; you’ve been brain-washed to angrily beg for shit, but all that’s all over.

It will not work!

Start stashing weapons and stop using your real names online.

It’s not “Wake up, people!”

(Waking up is not enough anyway. You can be “awake” with one eye shut, yunno?)

It’s Grow Up, People!

Only adults can reach solutions and take action; children merely cry, scream, and beg for help.

Stay healthy, folks.

“It’s become a dangerous country, Sir, when you cannot trust anyone any more. When you cannot tell the truth.”

—Jim Garrison.

Saw a post of something over on Mullet’s site—here’s the link to the text—that made me chuckle, and then I did something stupid. I started thinking about it, and here’s my apeshit reply below (yeah, crazy shit alert; don’t even bother reading it, seriously).


I’m impressed by how accurate that basically is (except that agriculture came first, then beer).

The original liberals were the gatherers; the women. The original conservatives were the hunters; the men. The conservatives were kneeling and praying before the hunt, and painting the struggles of life upon the walls of sacred caves (initiation caves). The liberals were carving stone statues of fat women, who they figured were divine figures of fertility; they were also carving the first tenants of the fertility cults to come.

(Of course, by the time the liberals were able to seize power and create the first city built around a temple, the conservatives had been subdued and were now doing all the stone carving; here is the birth of the Masons, and then Freemasons later. It was said that the Freemasons differed greatly in a few key ways, such as they got paid and had some rights.)

What it is not included in the above version: twenty thousand years ago, the liberals started naming everything and began to observe the constellations (the conservatives dug Orion, who they envisioned as a heavenly portrait of Sky Father, a figure out of the Great Mystery, the Creator, who they felt keenly during the long fall hunts; and they dug the North Star, that was about it), but, in true control-freak fashion, the liberals began making up stories about stuff to do with how the sky moved—soon they started erecting monolithic blocks of rock in certain spots, in certain arrangements, and then made claims of knowing the future.

The conservatives were more interested in the simpler things in life—music and an occasional mushroom vision with the shaman to gain insight into themselves and their place in the world. They had already mastered fire, and the bow, and saw no need for all the rock grinding and shiny-stone-seeking. It was thought among some conservatives that chasing game all over was pissing off some of the liberals, since their stone ritual crap required a stationary sort of lifestyle, and the liberals argued that they could plant more seeds and catch animals, fence them in, so you never have to chase them.

But the conservatives stood firm: they had to keep moving, keep after the herds, along side the lions and wolves. Besides, sitting in one spot too long—they knew too well—tended to exhaust too many resources too soon. It lead to starvation and death. It ended with great holes in the world. Plus, it was not honourable to cage a beast for meat, or for any reason; in the hunt, the game has a better chance of escape than the hunter does of feeding his tribe that day. They’d decided; they would not sit still anywhere for long. And the conservatives were respected.

Perhaps it was only a gesture of goodwill that the conservatives let the liberals make jewelry out of the mammoth tusks from their northern hunts (the conservatives, artists themselves, saw it more as a craft than art, but that was okay, it kept them busy), but after a while the liberals wanted more jewels.

It also leaves out the part where the liberals somehow end up suckering all the conservatives into doing their work on the farm, too. When the liberals convinced all the people that a great disaster was coming, and then it was confirmed (say, a comet slamming into a hill on the day it was predicted) by the elders of far away tribes, the people grew afraid and began to side with the liberals more and more.

Soon there was an agreement to enter into a semi-nomadic way of life; the liberals domesticated cats and dogs, and began planting much grain. Populations grew as never before.

Inevitably the liberals carved themselves a stone goddess and built temples (then stone towns near rivers) and surrounding farms,  eventually forcing the people to offer up their male sons as sacrifice to their goddess. (Astarte; Ishtar—Inanna, Dianna, Isis, etc—which is where the word, “Easter” comes from). Some boys were castrated for blood sacrifice; in some places they were thrown into the fire, and “Sign” was read from their screams and writhing; other sacrifices were also burnt offerings (wicker cages set alight with the males within).

This liberal empire spread from Arabia and Mesopotamia to Persia and India, then to Egypt and Greece, around the Black Sea; diluted versions reached the shores of Germania and Spain, North Africa, China and Japan. Later, strange versions spread back down into Africa, to the edge of Australia, and other versions reached Scandinavia and Russia, and then the British Islands. Some believe (and there is evidence that) it even reached Mesoamerica, where the Aztek (Olmec) liberals established an agricultural system of temple-centric city states, and continued the torture and sacrifice of the children and other captive Natives from the jungle.

At the heart of it all, in Asia Minor, the liberals grew rich and made a great Garden, and more and more the people worked on this Garden, taxed, and having to live in squalor. But the small ruling group of liberals grew arrogant and wanted more shiny stones; they held the secret knowledge, and began to see themselves as superior to these drones which they could order about the farms. Society grew decadent with excess and waste, and the conservatives suffered great poverty of spirit, and stranger and more violent rituals came about. And there were more sacrifices when droughts got bad.

The ruling class of liberals became inbred, trying to keep their royal line pure, and maniacs and human abominations slithered out of the human gene pool. They became more and more cruel, brutal, vicious; diseases sprang from them; and when they had all the power and wealth they craved, they entered into more and more extreme perversions, and extreme experiences. Obesity, hedonism, bestiality, and vice reigned among the aristocracy. They drank blood; they enjoyed raping children and listening to them scream, sob, and plead. This was the perverse, mutated and putrid form humanity had taken that is written about in a large collected work (see: Noah) to follow, same characters, same event, same result, different names, different messages.

And then the Flood changed everything. Entire towns were being wiped out, and the liberal oligarchy could not stop it; hell, they didn’t even know it was going to happen—and they were supposed to know; they held some “divine light of knowledge,” didn’t they? Weren’t they enlightened, illuminated?

The people started not to think so; the world seemed to be ending, and they lost faith. There was a great uprising. The people were told later that the gods were angry with the filthy, cruel, evil oligarchs and the flood was their punishment (one of the liberal oligarchs laments that she should have concerned herself more with living beings rather than riches and objects and pleasure). Later still, in a great book, the people would be told that the Deluge was the result of a wicked, sinful, greedy, evil-doing populace. Actually, both reasons were true.

Good thing the conservatives built the Ark and saved one town—when they resettled the Fertile Crescent later, they would start building large walled cities, to prevent any future flood from destroying their great works.

Around the time of the—last—Flood, 5600 BC, the conservatives took back religion and some degree of freedom (the world’s first civil rights movement) and entered into a covenant with the ruling liberal aristocracy, which was a matriarchy, all of which brought about the age of Kings (Sumer). Gilgamesh was the first; he sold out his conservative brothers to a large degree, but things had improved for a while. Nevertheless, the Kings that followed increasingly became cruel and violent, being swayed by the ever-growing court of liberals around them. Members of this court would grow into a shadow government.

By this time, resources had run out in Mesopotamia (over-farmed; devoid of trees; top soil gone due to pastoral herds eating roots everywhere for many centuries—and the Arabian desert was born), so the ruling liberals began using temple prostitutes (and beer) to draw in the sweaty, hairy, hunting conservatives from nearby woods, converting them into a soldier class, to protect the liberal King’s wealth and to be used as an armed force to conquer neighbouring tribes (and stealing their resources). They would tell their people that bad monsters lived there—demon creatures who must be destroyed—like what Sumeria first did to Lebanon (for timber, since Sumer had none), making slaves out of the vanquished. It was the invention of propaganda and set into motion a pattern of tyrannical, raptorial foreign policy that every nation since has copied (and Rome perfected).

Another condition of this covenant was marriage. It was still based upon husbandry (the domestication of wild animals—which is of course where the word “husband” comes from; old Norse hus = house + bondi = dwell, build, cultivate), but the conservatives were being treated a bit better than they had been before the Deluge, what with the third class status and their slum residences located away from their mates and offspring and all. Parts of this old covenant remain: the ring, a smaller symbol of the golden crown of ruling liberals, and the genuflection (kneeling, which is what commoners do in the presence of royalty, the old liberal elite) upon proposal of marriage.

The fashion of the era changed dramatically for conservatives: before the liberal invention of agriculture, they had long hair and beards, wore leather pants and shirts and coats, as well as furs; and after agriculture they were clean-shaven, perfumed, donning jewels if they were of high enough standing, and they all wore dresses like the liberal aristocracy had stipulated. (The lower in society, the lower the skirt; the priests and others wore the longest gowns. They still do to this day: see judges and the Pope.) It would not be until the early settlement of the Americas before conservatives started wearing pants again.

Some time during this, male cattle replaced male children in sacrifice (even though men were still being circumcised and made into eunuchs); this is why in many places the bull (or ram) is revered, and in India it’s actually held as sacred and not killed (yes, they will eat beef if someone else kills it; it was never “sacred cow;” it’s in fact “sacred bull”), which is common knowledge. Vegetarianism began not as any sort of “healthy lifestyle,” nor was it about eating meat at all; it was originally about what the gods/goddesses of the liberals of old were eating.

However, even though boys stopped getting their balls chopped off for Astarte, male sacrifice continued in a more subtle form: seasonal warfare.

And of course by the time of Jesus, with all the “I am the lamb” stuff, the “I am the sacrifice” stuff, well, this doomed the liberal cult of Astarte and her ilk. The next true conservative social movement began, and the practice of almost all forms of animal sacrifice faded away (although some forms of plant sacrifice remained—ever offer your sweetheart some flowers?—you’re carrying on an ancient ritual of offering life to the idols of the liberal aristocracy).

Male sacrifice crept back under the Catholic Church (once the Eastern Roman Empire absorbed the conservative movement of Jesus, the castrati was eventually formed: the practice of castration of young boys for the Church choirs), with no doubt much liberal infiltration to bring “Mary” (the pig goddess Astarte wearing a nun’s costume) back into observance.

Things started looking grim for the conservatives again, but then Martin Luther came along and another religious revolution took place—and the Protestants were born.

The conservatives did alright for a while, although the devious liberals were at it again. They had begun a secret society called the “Illuminati,” a much more organized and connected organization than the other types they’d tried before, and came up with a plan for overthrowing the conservatives and their pesky Elohim-type one-god stuff; lingering in the Pagan shadows, they had continued their religious rituals and practices, but now they were gaining new minions fleeing persecution from the out-of-control Catholic Church, which they had also infiltrated to a large extent.

After discovery in Bavaria and further persecution, plotting their revenge, they proceeded to infiltrate the Masonic organizations, then later the banks. After all, they had invented money as another tool to draw in wild, good-hearted and hard-partying conservatives out of their forested places and into the cities. And enslave them there doing something called “work,” which remains a sub-religion to this day, now more specialized as a “trade” or “career.”

And we all know the rest—things have come full circle: the conservatives are once more under the cloud of liberal tyranny, whose scientific collaborators have brought the entire planet within their grasp, and they are pressing hard and gaining ground fast as they implement their “New Secular Order.”

There. Just filled in some crucial gaps…okay, but his was funnier.

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On September 11th, 2001, I watched, on the TV, some planes hit a couple buildings in the US—and I laughed. Sure, I was in a vicious anti-american state of mind back then, so I wasn’t just laughing at an aggressive, arrogant, war-mongering nation getting some payback (finally!)…I was laughing at its overall absurdity. Like giggling at the Three Stooges when you’re stoned—it’s so odd and makes no sense, but somehow you sense something which gets its wires crossed with something else, and wham: hilarious.

Yeah, I laughed. People dying—even arrogant Americans who support their government doing this kinda shit to poor people in other countries, and grossly enjoying the benefits of other people’s death and horror and loss and suffering…even people who might have it coming, well, even these people dying—isn’t funny. I don’t laugh at death unless it’s a TV show or movie that’s so corny or fake that I can’t help it…

Corny and fake…

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Fucking cunt!

Your mind can see things before you can consciously register it—your mind, my mind, everyone’s mind. It’s perception. I think I perceived a lot on that day, and the days that followed, which told me the whole works was a crock of shit. Of course, I’ve never trusted governments, politicians, corporations, religions…so my head doesn’t have to wade through the muck they spew—I automatically dismiss everything they say, everything they claim, and so I start thinking about the real reasons—the truth—without having to go through the process that most people seem to go through (fighting through that double-think, breaking free of that innocent babe-in-the-woods mentality: Would the government lie to me?—Is the State engaged in things they keep secret from the public?—Could they really do that, omg!?—et cetera).

Frankly, with the amount of history I’ve read, and with the depth of insight I’ve gained into the minds of those who rule (and have always ruled—in a fundamentally identical manner, regardless of any “type” of government), there is generally no claim to which I’d have a knee-jerk reaction of “No, they wouldn’t do that!”

Yes, Sir!—they would do that. They are capable of anything. Any fucking thing. The biggest serial killer, mass killer, in the history of planet earth is the Government, the State, the Empire. No other being or entity or person or group or effect, disease or disaster has killed more humans on this planet than governments. They have been the biggest weapon of mass destruction in history—from 6000 BC to present. Purely brutal, calculating, remorseless, demented butchers.

When we’re conditioned to blindly follow rules, we’re conditioned to blindly trust those who invent these rules—and blindly obey those who enforce those rules. A-U-T-H-O-R-I-T-Y.

The Almighty Authority. The Right Honourable. Your Grace. Your Excellency. Your Majesty. My Lord. My Lady. Master & Mistriss. Mr & Mrs. Sire. Madam.

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The Leader.

The most conditioned among us live constantly in denial and are incredibly, painfully naive—like a child living in a colourful room full of toys and stuffed animals; outside, the world may be grey and in tatters, with disease and gangs of starving, ruthless thugs roving about, and pets that have gone feral, amid general destruction and filth and decay…but inside, that child-like person sings happy songs and plays games and giggles and will not look out the window—or the window has been painted over with bunnies and rainbows…harmless, non-threatening things…’happy things,’ childish things. That child thinks the whole world is just like the contents of that room. That child can’t be told any different.

The infantilized person will never “wake up” from this kiddie reality. This type of person, obviously, will never believe that everything is not yummy-sunny-happy everywhere, except for a few “bad people” who are bad because whatever reason the State has said they are bad. A State-approved Doctor will give us the reason, and of course a pill will fix it up nicely.

Thank you, ma’am.

Anyway, I mention that because I won’t try to reach out to those types of people. Never. It’s pointless. Their brains are clogged with immature memes—that pig-headedly resist competing memes—it’s like telling someone who just free-based smack that heroin is a terrible drug.

“What? Dude, fuck off—you’re killing my buzz!”

So, I won’t try to ruin anyone’s fun, of course. I just might be accused and charged with the crime of “being too serious.”

So those types can sit and wallow in their smiling, seeping, sickly sweet comfort zones. No problem. I’m not here to try to convince you guys of anything. In fact, if one of you is reading this…just go away. Go watch TV, read a celebrity magazine, or go shopping at the mall; this topic is not for you.

Now that 90 percent (9 out of 10) of the readers have gone, I’ll continue…

Back to my point: I never bought 9/11. It smelled like shit from day one, and I don’t eat shit, even if I’m told it’s tasty chocolate. I told someone after it happened that “they”—the US government—probably did it to themselves (not that they provoked an attack from an area and a people they’d been fucking with for decades—no: they planned and carried out an attack against their own country…for some reason). As time went on (wars in Afghanistan and Iraq; war on “terror”), it made a bit more sense why they did it—the fact that they did it was never in question. The only question was why. All the whys. The reasons.

A few years later, I tried to find out more what those reasons were. I found out a little, then watched “Fahrenheit 9/11.” And I later started a thread on the subject in the old GF Melee forum. Honestly, I was astounded by those who could not open their minds to any other (non-State-approved) point of view.

Here was when I was confronted with the following notion: “conspiracy theory.”

I didn’t really understand that, and I still don’t. It seems that anything that challenges government-corporate-sanctioned big-media dogma gets this “conspiracy theory” label. I just don’t get it. As I stated back then, a conspiracy is when two or more people enter into an agreement to do something. Hey, Joe, wanna go get a coffee? “Sure,” he says. And that’s it. They just conspired to do something. That’s all it means.

But it’s become something loaded with all sorts of connotations—extremely negative connotations which imply various things, all designed to cause people to instantly dismiss it. Without thinking about it for a single fucking second—just dismiss it. It’s a manipulative control tactic employed to silence alternative opinions and to pre-empt things called “questions.” It sways opinion by steering something into the extreme and absurb. Example: someone mentioning “The New World Order” can be silenced by the following: “Yeah, right! I guess you believe David Icke, too? Well, go put your tinfoil hat on!”

What’s happening here is that something (for which evidence can be found) is being ridiculed and dismissed by linking, associating it with something else (for which no evidence can be found). See how that works? I forget the name for this ploy, but it doesn’t matter. You can discredit something by having it touch something crazy. And thus have it become contaminated by craziness atoms.

Wash Fucking Hands

In in my example, two separate ploys were used:

1. The NWO reference was associated with David Icke, who speaks about the NWO, for which evidence can be found, but who also speaks about reptilian shape-shifters, aliens, and other flaked-out crap for which no evidence can be found.

(Again, I’m not saying aliens don’t exist. I’ve been into that before—yeah, I was into alien shit (knee-deep) for years—but it goes around in circles. There’s never anything new, once you’ve covered the basics, and there’s never any proof. All these people over all these years seeing things and being yanked away from the earth up into some ship or whatever, and no one has ever grabbed an alien something-or-other off an alien table (an instrument, a thingamajig, a sample of something, anything whatsoever) to show others later? No one has, in thousands of cases—there’s been no physical evidence?

“But but but the government goes after those people and steals the proof!!!!!!!!!!!1112″

Bullshit. No one’s ever had alien DNA under his or her fingernails? Jesus, you can’t even commit a crime today without leaving some particle, some trace of yourself, behind, as evidence that you were there.

“What about all the tens of thousands of UFO sightings OMFG !!?!?!?”

Firstly, seeing something weird in the sky is not proof of anything but something weird that defies description—it is not a physical object which can be held in your hand, tested, shown to others, et cetera. An image, a photograph, does not prove something is of alien design. Secondly, a UFO is an unidentified flying object—it’s something unknown. It doesn’t mean it’s automatically alien in origin.

No, there is something going on, obviously—but I feel it’s just a mass distraction. Nothing else makes sense.)

2. The NWO reference is stuffed into the subject matter of those who believe they’ve been abducted by either government agencies or alien entities and have had tiny mechanical implants embedded in their heads—these devices give and receive signals, apparently, and the use of tinfoil applied to the head, evidently, blocks these signals.

(Not that I think this is far-fetched; I think it’s possible, but why? You can control people through all sorts of means without having to go through such an expensive and elaborate drama to attach some gadget to someone’s head. There are cheaper, more effective ways to control people. Like the movie, “They Live.” The premise is silly. Subliminal (text) messages aren’t needed to get people to do what you want. Symbols do it just fine. Psychological manipulation—it’s a science. School, TV (and now computers and the internet), social pressure on an obsessively material, shallow, product-acquiring lifestyle beginning at a young age, combined with shame and ridicule…are more than enough to get people to do what you want.

Besides, no one’s ever had one of these devices removed and taken to a lab or something? Not even photographed, witnessed by as many people as possible?

“But how else can they keep track of you!!!!???”

It’s a device called a “cell phone”—people carry these voluntarily, you know. With the iPhone and its counterparts, there’s really no need to tag and track people the way they do with animals.

Tracking Slaves

Plus, there are cameras everywhere, and every time you use your debit or credit card they know exactly where you are.

Then again, I’m not saying they will never do this to us (install chips or other surveilliance devices—“spychips”). In some areas people actually want to have an RFID chip implanted in them, so who knows. Hell, some people will even pay to be tagged…)

Now the person who brought up the NWO is on the defensive, trying to explain or prove that he’s not crazy, like those who are engaged in those two other subjects. And those other subjects are of course “conspiracy theories.”

Well, I suppose there all sorts of labels society uses to belittle, ridicule, mock, shame, and ultimately dismiss and ignore anyone who proposes anything contrary to the official story, the party line, the safe and conventional crap we’re trained to swallow.

By the way, here’s a good link on the immense bureaucracy that’s grown out of 9/11 and the War on Terror:

“Top Secret America.”

I guess all that’s a “conspiracy theory,” too. I guess just call anything unpopular or that which might make you think, “conspiracy theory.” Call it whatever makes it easier to get back to those really important things consuming your valuable time. I won’t mind.

A little over a year ago, I did some research on ancient (pagan) religions (which are still practiced today—mostly in secret), and I came to a link to a film called “Dark Secrets: Bohemian Grove,” by Alex Jones. Here:

I was impressed by the film; I thought Jones did an excellent job helping to expose something rather disturbing (that no mainstream reporters have touched). I’d never heard of Alex Jones prior to this. I had never heard of Bohemian Grove. I had heard of “freemasonry” and the “Illuminati”—but had dismissed it, as most people do, as crazy shit I didn’t want to hear about—but I hadn’t heard of the Bilderberg Group before (or the CFR—Council on Foreign Relations, or the Trilateral Commission, or the Federal Reserve). Frankly, I didn’t want to hear about this kinda shit. I figured governments and corporations were twisted fucks in bed together and that they were ruling the world, yet who precisely was pulling the strings of these puppets didn’t interest me.

I guess it only interests me a little bit today—honestly, it doesn’t really matter which group does what or how old and secretive they are or who’s a member of what, or if they’re part of an ancient oligarchy whose lines, beliefs, and religion can be traced back to Babylon and Sumer. Doesn’t matter to me. The result is the same no matter what one believes. The “who” stuff (no pun intended—owl reference) seems to be just another distraction, another thing to fixate on. Whoever they are, they are untouchable right now, and cannot be “fought” or defeated. They—those rulers, those sick ultra-rich control freaks pulling strings all over the world—can only be resisted. I don’t mean peacefully. (Sorry, Hippies and flower people; your tactics won’t work this time around.)

Since then I’ve watched a lot of films and stuff, read tons of material on these subjects, by various people—most notably Alex Jones. There’s stuff put out by Gerald Celente, James O’Keefe, David Icke (if you can take some of his unprovable, whacky ideas with a really big grain of salt…or bottle of salt), perhaps Mark Dice, and the guys at the have some interesting stuff sometimes. There are many more—KRS One, Immortal Technique, Public Enemy, Dave Mustaine (Megadeth), et cetera—who are on the right track. Hell, even Jesse Ventura gets my respect.

I’ve begun to question some things I thought were true, as well as investigate things of which I was not aware. One staggering example was/is my views on feminism, and how I see now that it was never an independent institution doing what it did (being an information industry, a propaganda agency, receiving billions in funding and creating an aristocracy of women and demonizing men with an end goal of degrading—and probably trying to annihilate—the entire gender, utterly) for its own reasons. No. It’s simply another tool. Another puppet. A few years ago I learned how the CIA employed Gloria Steinem (since the late 1950s) to use the Women’s Libbers Movement to hi-jack the Hippy Movement (hey, go look it up; she’s admitted it). The ultimate goal of this seems to have been to break up the family, using “class war” dogma from Marxism, communism, and converting it for a feminist “gender war” plan. Why? To get Dad out of the house, put Mom to work, with the State as her new husband, and have the Government-Corporate aparatus (with crucial help from TV and the media to) raise the kids. (The site “ManWomanMyth” illustrated this years ago, perfectly.)

(And there are probably other goals, but these are enough for now. Even though I knew all this, I did not investigate much further into it. Anyway, it’s one example of how I was short-sighted.)

Is all that a conspiracy theory?

Most things are a conspiracy (two or more people entering into an agreement to do something), so what does that matter? I do not engage in things that cannot be proven or that do not contain any evidence. A “conspiracy theory” to me would be…some people claiming that the moon landing was faked. Or that the earth is really flat. These imply a vast conspiracy involving many people for some sinister goal…but there is no proof. Hence it is a theory.

I seek the truth, always, even if the truth can sometimes be bitter, ugly, horrible, or seems just plain loony. So, call it what you will. Or, use your mind and actually look into stuff like this. And think for yourself.

At any rate, the “bigger picture” just keeps getting bigger—and more disturbing. I can’t blame people who (while they are not exactly infantile and want to live in a comfee-cozy kiddie fantasy world, they do, however) choose to remain intentionally ignorant. They may sense a lot of things going on, but they quickly distract themselves, afraid of what it could mean to get thinking about it. True enough, it can overwhelm you, the more you get into it, the deeper you seek. It can be chilling and smash to pieces most of what you thought life—and reality—was all about, since your childhood days…which never really ended, of course.

Making a choice to not deny without investigation, to not dismiss without thinking and researching, to not belittle and judge and ridicule and label and ignore without opening your mind just a little bit and engaging in a wee speck of free-thought…well, it can be dangerous. You may find out that most of what you believed was a stinking lie. And that can be unsettling. You may find out that you’re a part of something terribly wrong, and you have to struggle with your conscience over your role in it all. To act on your conscience will require you to dramatically change the way you think, react to and view things, and perhaps to radically change your entire life in order to live according to a set of principles.

You may have to risk losing your career, alienating or losing your friends and family, or even shaking your whole existence to its foundation. At least, you may have give up the child-like dream of status and stuff and security—that you can live your life pursuing all the things you were taught to pursue while the loving Nanny State takes care of you and everything else around you.

This could all be absolutely frightening, and pretty stressful. At most, you may feel compelled to act—yunno, to actually do something to help promote freedom in the world, or just in your community.

Whichever the case, it could be far easier, much simplier, to ignore it all and keep pretending—call it bullshit and “go back to sleep,” as they say.

And, like I said, I can’t blame people for doing this. The more you think you have to lose, the harder the choice will be, I reckon.

Here and there I come across people who know a lot of this shit but feel they can’t do anything about it, so they just try to get along in this shit as best they can. It clearly bothers and frustrates them, but they seem to feel powerless to do anything about it.

I can’t blame them for that either—what can be done, really, even if you know what’s going on? I certainly have no answers (other than: head for the fucking hills and get away from it).


Anyway, about all those people who are trying to share what they’ve learned and discovered about all this, I’ve discovered that all these folks collectively make up “The Truth Movement.” And like all “movements” there are those people who infiltrate and hi-jack it in order to destroy it.

Take Glenn Beck—fucking please.


He is what is known as a “shill.” He’s an establishment mouthpiece who’s in place to debunk others and others’ ideas that do not correspond with what the system wants us to know and believe. He attacks only one side of things; he’s a liar and he has an agenda—he’s a muppet. He’s not seeking the truth, and he’s not presenting the truth—or, he’s presenting half-truths, mixed with lies or distractions.

What Glenn Beck does to subjects that most people ought to know about is a little different than what David Icke does to similar subjects. And this demonization process works, in either way. Don’t believe me? Here’s a comment from an “Illuminati” video on YouTube:

“I agree. David Icke is a complete and proven fraud. When I see him associated with anything I know that I can throw out that information as false.”

Because Icke a bleeding loon, everything he talks about can be viewed with mistrust and even instant dismissal, even though he talks about some sane things which actually can be backed up with evidence. Thus, other people talking about (provable) things (or least things that are backed up with some evidence) can be dismissed equally because Icke talked about the exact same thing. In essence, Icke sabotages and discredits the “Truth Movement” with his crazy crap.

What Beck does is more sinister. He pretends and lies; he’ll make a half-hearted attack on one thing, a minor thing, and then totally ignore twenty other way more important subjects. This is so we think he’s actually a journalist who’s investigating and asking questions and trying to get at the truth. But he’s not.

Plus, he’s just not funny. He really thinks he is, but he’s just not.

Michael Moore is another shill—just a different type. A different species. I never really liked this guy—there was something about him, and the way he did things, which made me uneasy. He’s manipulative, sketchy, like a lawyer. I watched “Bowling For Columbine.” I didn’t get it, and the way he behaved in the film was disgusting—rolling a kid in a wheelchair around to emotionally manipulate people, using a tragedy to support an agenda—his agenda, which is more relevant today given the utter assault going on right now on guns—which is an agenda of tyranny wrapped up with pretty pink ribbons. But it made no sense to me—a kid shot other kids in a school…so…going after guns and bullets will make this better because kids will have a harder time getting guns and bullets…? Is this about the size of it?

What the fuck? What is behind this? Why did this kid shot other kids? What does it matter which weapon of choice he used? If he could not get a gun, he would have used something else. If he ran through the crowded halls of his school with a big butcher knife, stabbing students, would Moore go after stores to take knives off their shelves?

“Oh but you can kill more people with a gun, more easily, than with a knife!!!”

Really? A gunshot is loud. I could run through a crowded room and stab a whole lot of people without the BANG BANG BANG! alerting people to run or hit the dirt or call the police. I could sit on the back of a crowded bus and silently slit the throat of probably half the passengers on that bus before someone with balls tackled me—if the people are spaced a certain way, I might be able to quietly kill them all, right up to the bus driver, without anyone knowing what I was doing. Or I could walk into a packed movie theater with a bag full of molotov cocktails and set the whole place on fire.

Desperate people, crazy people—people who want to hurt others—do not obey gun laws. So why take away guns from law-abiding people so that criminals, who obtain guns illegally, will be the only citizens to have them? And how will this stop incidents such as Columbine and Sandy Hook and others?

We’re wrapping gauze on a gaping wound, and we just keep wrapping. We’re too fucking stupid, obviously, to realize that there is a cause for all this bleeding and it should be fixed. Or maybe we’re just too fucking lazy to bother or care about “Conspiracy Theories” about wounds and what they’re all about. Right, go grab another roll of gauze. Idiot…

People in New York City (and North Carolina) use their cars to kill others; people in Japan still use swords to kill others; in Pakistan and in the UK they throw acid in your face; and in France they throw fire bombs. Do you realize how many heads could get cracked open if a madman ran into a grade one playground with a baseball bat?

Why is twenty kids getting shot so much worse than ten kids getting stabbed? Do numbers mean so much? At Sandy Hook, if only one teacher had a gun no fucking kids would have been killed!

There’s some fuckin numbers for ya…

Nevermind the fact that crimes with guns have been on the decline over the last 20 or more years, and nevermind the evidence that in areas in which law-abiding carry guns, crime is very low.

No, it’s an agenda—a disgusting, manipulative agenda that uses dead or maimed kids to control people emotionally and cause angry reactions to gain support for an assault on a living being’s god-given or natural fucking right to carry a weapon to defend oneself and one’s family. Fucking period.

I have no fucking respect for Michael Moore or any slimy piece of shit establishment waterboy like him. This pig, this 400-pound heaving, whining cunt walks around with armed bodyguards, owns fucking weapons, is worth millions of dollars, and is telling you that you cannot own a gun (he’s been quoted as saying that if you’re concerned about your safety, “get a dog”).

Wow. Fucking shill. The next time you have your armed goon squad clear an entire resturant out and bribe the owners so you can sit your monstrous sweaty ass down to devour a tableful of food, Mr. Moore, I hope you fucking choke and die.


(I know. I’m a big meanie.)


The thing with Moore is that in “Fahrenheit 9/11″ it wasn’t what he exposed; it was that he did not expose a lot of stuff, concentrating only on what would demonize the Republicans and the George W. Bush Administration. It was a Democrat attacking the Republican Whitehouse; it was not true journalism—it was not objective; it was biased, omissive, and politically motivated.

Then again, I think the Obama Administration was set up decades ago—or at least two decades ago. (No, I do not believe voting does anything; the leaders are chosen in secret long before they are ever declared candidates by the media.) I think the Bush Administration was set up as well—and I think George W. Bush was not a dumb evil prick: sure he wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I think he was designed to be an evil dumbass religious tard. It was so absurb, so over the top. He was engineered to be that awful, that stupid, that insipid and dangerous…so that Obama would seem like a heavenly saviour…a messiah…and the nation would rush into his warm embrace—which was just a bear trap covered in plush. Especially since the black community in particular was boiling in rage and on the verge of revolt—and, praise the lord, bing bongo, a black man gets into office.

Can you hear the crickets now?

Obama will do no wrong in their eyes…no matter what he does.

It was brilliant—and it was a conspiracy. There is evidence for it. There’s no longer any such thing as democracy; I do not trust any election and believe the entire process has been either corrupted or merely was a scam for a long time. Maybe it always was.

Tangent over…

I think David Icke is possibly another one—either this or he is simply deranged. I just can’t get my head around Icke—one minute he makes so much sense, and the next he’s talking about shapeshifters, a hollow earth, and reptile-alien beings who are ruling the world, or something. Crazy shit without a shred of proof, no evidence whatsoever…all based on what? I dunno. Theory. Here’s what I mean:

And another:

I love the comment under this one, by the way:

“They are both in the entertainment business and it’s lizard eat lizard.”



I think it can be a business—and, yes, you have to bring people in if it is a business. And you bring people in by attracting them—and you attract them by posting smut or by trying to scare them. Or baffle them with bullshit—entertain them—with bright colours and effects and sparkling, shiny crap and effects, and maybe an explosion or two.

But I think people like Icke are making money off gullible people who will simply believe anything, without any proof—without any sense, any real gut instincts either. Because they probably believe in nothing, and, well, here’s something. And it can’t be proven wrong—as Dice points out, you can’t disprove it.

Hmmm…something about proving a negative…or something…nevermind.

But this raises into question the case of Mark Dice…

Now, he’s accusing Alex Jones of a lot of stuff—mainly of being a sell-out (trying a bit too hard to make money off this so-called “Truth Movement”). But he’s lying in places. I’ve seen some ads on, and while I’m extremely anti-corporate/anti-advertising, I understand that shows cost money to make, and that cash has to come from somewhere, and if you’re doing this thing full-time, well, where’s the money going to come from? and so forth. I don’t agree with it, but I understand it.

Dice lied about the one ad he mentioned. As the host encourages: “Tell us about the penis pills…”

Now, I actually saw this ad, and watched al of it (Dice obviously did not watch all of it and did not understand what he did watch, or is deliberately trying to obfuscate what it was about, or he’s acting obtuse for his own agenda). The ad was actually based in a lot of fact, a lot of evidence; the whole thing was about how men are becoming less masculine—naturally, you can see why I watched it and remember it, since this is a subject in which I’ve been interested for years.

I was skeptical, watching it, too, but I gave it chance, and, from what I’ve personally researched, a lot of it was spot on. It dealt more with the physiological effects—it had nothing to do with “penis pills,” for crissakes. It was about fucking testosterone, which is about the testicles, and about hormones, et cetera, not about the penis. The ad went on to give some pretty good information, then went into a segment on what could be done. This was free advice—some of it good advice, I thought—and then *after that* it got into its product which claimed to naturally raise testosterone levels in men.

I did not mind this (20-some-minute) ad because it was not manipulative, was not full of bullshit (that I could detect), and offered advice and tips before ever getting into the product it was selling. Only a few minutes of this ad were dedicated to its own product. (Trying to find a link to the ad to show you.)

The point is, Dice is a liar. I think he’s trying to steal “fans” of Alex Jones and become just like him. Christ, I watched a short video of Mark Dice the entire content of which was him walking to a book store shelf and pointing out that his book (“The Illuminati: Facts & Fiction”) was there, in stock.

Go to his fucking site—

—and tell me this guy is so different, such a non-sell out. Holy fuck—“like me on Facebook!”—“Follow me on twitter!”—“donate!”—“buy my book!” Give me some money and I’ll give you some truth!

That’s what I see. And yeah, Alex Jones is a bit of a whore in this regard too. But Dice is just a shadow of what Jones is regarding dedication, and the bulk and scope of information presented. And I don’t know what to make of the guy—at first glance, he seems like a self-absorbed ego-fucking-maniac. All his avs have his smiling face—his website is his whole fucking name—half his YouTube videos are just him talking, the camera pointing right at his face. And another large percentage of them are about American celebrities…

Hey, I’m a success, look at my face! Remember my name! I’m gonna be famous! I’m interviewing famous people! Wanna hear me drop some names! Will that make me royalty too! Do you love me!? Give me some money!

But I’m just not sure if he’s a phony fuck like Glenn Beck or Michael Moore, or if he’s just an Alex Jones wanna-be…

What I just cannot comprehend is, along with preppers who show their faces on YouTube, those who say they believe the shit is going to hit the fan and that the government is going come for people like them…and yet they annouce to the world either their names or display their faces, or both.

If what they say is true, the government is going to round up or kill those poor bastards first. Right? So, isn’t revealing your real name, your whole name, and showing your face everywhere…kinda sorta suicidal? I mean, Dice has a YouTube username called TheResistance. So, well, did the French Resistance under Nazi occupation post their names in lights and staple their faces on every telephone pole?


A real resistance

I dunno…I doubt it. They’d tend to get caught and killed if they did that. I mean, I wasn’t there…but this just makes sense to me. Maybe I’m just weird…

The trouble with the “Truth Movement” is the same thing that plagued (and ended) the “Men’s Movement.” It was taken over, hi-jacked, by assholes, shills, and smiling faces in suits wanting to sell us stuff. I’m sorry, the truth is not for sale.

I’ll say that again because it needs to be fucking said again:


I don’t use my real name here—I don’t want attention, I don’t want or need fame or some e-celebrity status. I don’t want your money—don’t donate to me!—I don’t want your money and I’m not trying to sell you something. Whatever I write or create, I offer it to everyone for free. I have no agenda other than Truth, Freedom, and Nature.

Don’t follow me on twitter (I’m not there), don’t fucking “like” me on Facebook (I’m not there either). Don’t rate me or judge me—just think a bit about what I’m saying. And please don’t be a fucking fanboy of me (or anyone), for God’s sake. “Tweet” me and I’ll smack you in the mouth, pal.


I’m not special or great because of all of this (I’m no better or worse than anyone else), but I do think I’m real, and not a hypocrite, because of this. I respect this quality (striving for truth and freedom without selling out or letting your ego take over your principles) in others. I’ve always been cautious of those who use their real (full) names online, like a badge, and go out of their way to show us their smiling faces and what clothes they wear…it does not give them credibility, in my mind. Quite the opposite.

I understand people need money to live…but, Jesus, there is a difference between making a living and being a shallow, self-obsessed sell-out and making a killing off what should be free for everyone: the fucking Truth.

But the agendas are what I can’t stand. The Christian agenda is about proving that what’s happening is biblical prophecy come true (the End Times), and another agenda is about this Zionist Jew something or other.

I dunno. Maybe I’m wrong.


Anyway, Moore and Icke and (probably Dice too) can fuck off. I still like Alex Jones—I agree with about 80% of what he talks about—but I am aware that he has an agenda as a Christian (I see it all the time), so I have to take him with a grain of salt as well. You have to understand the context.

Oh, I almost forget about Rich Zubaty, with whom I agree on maybe 95% of things, well, he’s MIA; his “Rude Guy” blog has been inactive since August of 2012. Either he’s given up, gone insane, or perhaps the police have him, and he’s in the clinker now. Or maybe he’s injured or sick. Or maybe he’s dead. Have been considering emailing him since September to see what’s up, but I keep leaning towards the “just give him a bit more time.” Maybe I will send him an email.

All for now. And to all the good folks out there, fighting for truth, freedom, and liberty, well, keep up the good work, guys (and girls). And keep it real.

Remember: if a smelly lunatic in tattered clothes tells you that you have got shit on your shoe, and you look down and there’s shit on your shoe, what matter if he was crazy? He just told you the truth.

Three cheers for the resistance—the real resistance.
The French Resistance