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Wow. I discovered a few things recently. First, that there is a thing called “MGTOW.” This means “Men Going Their Own Way.”

Seems right up my alley, don’t it?

Fuck yeah. I’ve been all about that for…a long, long time.

If you’re new to this concept, here’s a handy dandy video:

According to this, there are a few levels.

1. Level One MGTOW. Here’s a dude who realizes what women are really like, yet suffers and goes through the motions in order to get laid while in a long-term relationshits, or to get married, and-or to have children. This was me from 2000 to 2004. And from 2007 to 2011.

“Purple Pill Man,” as he’s called, is a believer in the NAWALT (“Not All Women Are Like That”), and searches and searches for that rare, elusive unicorn—that woman who is not a clone of every other woman out there.

I’ve come across a lot of brothers like this. They sometimes tell me: “You just haven’t met the right girl” or “Oh, you’ll find someone who’s right for you” when I try to talk about this stuff… They simply do not understand that I do not wish to find anyone, anywhere, for any reason. Not even if she’s into everything I’m into and wants to live in the wilderness, too—not even if she’s a cute, hard-working mute who wants a cabin a few hundred yards away from mine, where we’d just visit each other from time to time.

[Me, I know there are some very rare women who are different—personally, I just don’t care anymore. I don’t need any woman and I have better things to do anyway. Even if I didn’t, I think I’m too far gone—feminism has destroyed all hope for me, and now I’m far too cynical and mistrustful. If I did care, I mean. Honestly, in moments of extreme loneliness, or extreme lustiness, I do have weak periods in which I *think* I could stand a woman for a while.

Yet it fades pretty quickly, thank God.

I’ve had two offers of sex over the last two years, and, thankfully, I was able to turn them both down.

Good to know that after three years by myself, I have remained strong.

Strength is the key to freedom…]

2. Level Two MGTOW. This guy stays clear of marriage, co-habitation and long-term relationshits, but “dates”—fucks—women here and there. This was me from 2004 to 2006.

3. Level Three MGTOW.
This edified fellow doesn’t “date” women at all, and limits his interactions with women whenever and wherever possible. Me from 1997 to 2000, and from 2004 to 2007.

4. Level Four MGTOW. This clever chap believes in limiting contact and interaction with the State as well as most people, in addition to women. And “ghosts” it for the most part (stays off society’s RADAR). This guy would be the ultimate Zeta Male.

Here is where I’m at—2011 to present.

Neat. I’m part of another movement and didn’t even know it.

That was the second thing I discovered recently—that I’m a Level Four MGTOW.

The third thing is that I am also what is called a “Zeta Male.”

Interesting stuff. Great to see men of all ages starting to free themselves from the system and from the women who witlessly keep us shackled to it.

Fuck them. Fuck the system. And fuck the mangina clowns, the religious shamers, and the “white night” cocksmokers who try to manipulate and ridicule us back into this rigged game of horseshit. One of the rigged games, anyways.

“Take responsibility,” they parrot. “Do your duty,” they tell us. “Be a man,” they say. “Man up,” they squawk.

Man up?

Man up your ass!

I’m no longer a slave. I don’t work on Maggie’s farm no more…

Anyway, not that I need or want titles, I just found it quite interesting. And overall inspiring—after seeing and meeting so many pathetic, deluded, or-and hopeless men in cages, it’s awesome to see so many busting the fuck out.

In other news, I’m in Edmonton, trying to get my shit together before heading back to the coast. I spent 10 days in detox and got off everything—quit smoking as well. I’m about to start an exercise program (had to wait due to another back injury…more on that below) and get back into shape.

Yeah, I got some X-rays taken. My knee is fucked—something grinding in there. And my lower back appears to have major damage to the ligaments/tendons, which seem to have been yanked out where they connect in a few places, from that stupidity last summer. But I did something similar back in 2006.

Surgery might be an option, although this may tie me up (and I’ll get out of shape again and have to waste more fucking time, after recovering, to build myself up again) for months…and I won’t be able to return to the coast until the summer.

And where would I stay in the meantime? I’m homeless. I could not impose on anyone—and Jordan has helped me enough.

So, in short, fuck it. I’ll have to suffer and tough it out—get into shape as best I can here, and just be careful next time I head out.

For fuck sakes, never think that you can get into good physical condition while doing dangerous shit alone—don’t be a tit like I was. Get into shape first—you will prevent costly and unnecessary injuries…

That is all for now.

Oh, and as for Christmas—bah humbug.

Do something for someone else on a day of the year that doesn’t obligate you. Think for your-fucking-selves!

And stop buying shit, you wage serfs…

But I know you won’t, so “have a nice time with friends and loved ones,” yadda yadda…


It’s not that given too much rope I’d hang myself…it’s that I’d run out of rope before I ran out of ideas for its use.

Hey, I never claimed to be enlightened.

Though I do know how to make more rope…

Anyway, it’s how I view humans and technology. Give us enough of it and we’ll make ourselves obsolete.

So long as we’re motivated to do so.

But no one ever asked us what we wanted—nobody voted for the high-tech world we now inhabit.

We were all sort of thrust into it and conditioned to accept it—or at least the rationale behind it—and here we are. Scrambling to keep up and trying to adapt to it.

Does anyone ask why?

Does anyone think at all?

If we have no say at all in the course of the world in regards to technology—and the fact that we are so dependent on it that we can scarcely imagine a life without it—then what does that make us?


Yes, but that means we have choices in the types of crap they’re feeding us—we have no choice in eating the crap in the first place…

Then we are slaves.

And what is the system of intellectual tyranny under which we live?

Scientific dictatorship?


Progress is the greatest tyrant on the planet.

None dare question it. None ever oppose it.

Under the dogma of evolution, the erroneous connotation of a theory which implies that life improves and gets more complicated as a matter of logical course, we see ourselves getting more advanced. As if towards some lofty goal.

If life were driven to do this, all microbes would have turned into birds long ago. All simple-celled organisms would have become complex organisms long ago.

Why stay simple after a couple billion years?

Maybe because it works.

We’re told that’s stagnation.

But it’s a lie. Nothing improves unless it needs to. Everything is as ‘smart’ as it needs to be. Things change when a force is set upon them that effects that change. No life is trying to be ‘divine’ or become a ‘higher’ anything. No type of creature is trying to become another type.

It’s delusion. Circumstantial delusion.

Our delusion.

Who fed us this shit?

Our species has fucking de-evolved hand in hand with our rise in glorious technology. Look at the diseases. Look at the cancer rates. Look at the ailments and disorders and conditions, our phobias and neuroses; we are putrid in body, mind and spirit. And who calls this advanced?

I call it sick.

A so-called superior creature that cannot survive in its natural environment any longer without technology…because it’s too limited and specialized; ignorant, weak, and ill.


There is no lofty goal. There are evil schemes and greedy dealings pushing an agenda in science and technology, the results of which you will not benefit from, and neither will 99.99% of us. We’ll just help them create a system in which we are no longer necessary…for the benefit of all humanity, for peace and prosperity and all that good stuff…


Who actually benefits? Those who are funding the agenda. Always.

The Pathocracy is a good name for it. The whole master system and those who keep it going.

Pathocracy—the rule of the ill over the well. The rule of the insane over the sane. The rule of the weak over the strong.


If so, now they’ve made us, most of us, ill, insane, and weak—it’s probably why they call us “profane.” Because we’re becoming them.

Anyway, this is the idol before which humanity gets tortured, crippled, and slashed to pieces.


What fools we are.

I sense something or someone, somewhere, laughing…

Saw a post of something over on Mullet’s site—here’s the link to the text—that made me chuckle, and then I did something stupid. I started thinking about it, and here’s my apeshit reply below (yeah, crazy shit alert; don’t even bother reading it, seriously).


I’m impressed by how accurate that basically is (except that agriculture came first, then beer).

The original liberals were the gatherers; the women. The original conservatives were the hunters; the men. The conservatives were kneeling and praying before the hunt, and painting the struggles of life upon the walls of sacred caves (initiation caves). The liberals were carving stone statues of fat women, who they figured were divine figures of fertility; they were also carving the first tenants of the fertility cults to come.

(Of course, by the time the liberals were able to seize power and create the first city built around a temple, the conservatives had been subdued and were now doing all the stone carving; here is the birth of the Masons, and then Freemasons later. It was said that the Freemasons differed greatly in a few key ways, such as they got paid and had some rights.)

What it is not included in the above version: twenty thousand years ago, the liberals started naming everything and began to observe the constellations (the conservatives dug Orion, who they envisioned as a heavenly portrait of Sky Father, a figure out of the Great Mystery, the Creator, who they felt keenly during the long fall hunts; and they dug the North Star, that was about it), but, in true control-freak fashion, the liberals began making up stories about stuff to do with how the sky moved—soon they started erecting monolithic blocks of rock in certain spots, in certain arrangements, and then made claims of knowing the future.

The conservatives were more interested in the simpler things in life—music and an occasional mushroom vision with the shaman to gain insight into themselves and their place in the world. They had already mastered fire, and the bow, and saw no need for all the rock grinding and shiny-stone-seeking. It was thought among some conservatives that chasing game all over was pissing off some of the liberals, since their stone ritual crap required a stationary sort of lifestyle, and the liberals argued that they could plant more seeds and catch animals, fence them in, so you never have to chase them.

But the conservatives stood firm: they had to keep moving, keep after the herds, along side the lions and wolves. Besides, sitting in one spot too long—they knew too well—tended to exhaust too many resources too soon. It lead to starvation and death. It ended with great holes in the world. Plus, it was not honourable to cage a beast for meat, or for any reason; in the hunt, the game has a better chance of escape than the hunter does of feeding his tribe that day. They’d decided; they would not sit still anywhere for long. And the conservatives were respected.

Perhaps it was only a gesture of goodwill that the conservatives let the liberals make jewelry out of the mammoth tusks from their northern hunts (the conservatives, artists themselves, saw it more as a craft than art, but that was okay, it kept them busy), but after a while the liberals wanted more jewels.

It also leaves out the part where the liberals somehow end up suckering all the conservatives into doing their work on the farm, too. When the liberals convinced all the people that a great disaster was coming, and then it was confirmed (say, a comet slamming into a hill on the day it was predicted) by the elders of far away tribes, the people grew afraid and began to side with the liberals more and more.

Soon there was an agreement to enter into a semi-nomadic way of life; the liberals domesticated cats and dogs, and began planting much grain. Populations grew as never before.

Inevitably the liberals carved themselves a stone goddess and built temples (then stone towns near rivers) and surrounding farms,  eventually forcing the people to offer up their male sons as sacrifice to their goddess. (Astarte; Ishtar—Inanna, Dianna, Isis, etc—which is where the word, “Easter” comes from). Some boys were castrated for blood sacrifice; in some places they were thrown into the fire, and “Sign” was read from their screams and writhing; other sacrifices were also burnt offerings (wicker cages set alight with the males within).

This liberal empire spread from Arabia and Mesopotamia to Persia and India, then to Egypt and Greece, around the Black Sea; diluted versions reached the shores of Germania and Spain, North Africa, China and Japan. Later, strange versions spread back down into Africa, to the edge of Australia, and other versions reached Scandinavia and Russia, and then the British Islands. Some believe (and there is evidence that) it even reached Mesoamerica, where the Aztek (Olmec) liberals established an agricultural system of temple-centric city states, and continued the torture and sacrifice of the children and other captive Natives from the jungle.

At the heart of it all, in Asia Minor, the liberals grew rich and made a great Garden, and more and more the people worked on this Garden, taxed, and having to live in squalor. But the small ruling group of liberals grew arrogant and wanted more shiny stones; they held the secret knowledge, and began to see themselves as superior to these drones which they could order about the farms. Society grew decadent with excess and waste, and the conservatives suffered great poverty of spirit, and stranger and more violent rituals came about. And there were more sacrifices when droughts got bad.

The ruling class of liberals became inbred, trying to keep their royal line pure, and maniacs and human abominations slithered out of the human gene pool. They became more and more cruel, brutal, vicious; diseases sprang from them; and when they had all the power and wealth they craved, they entered into more and more extreme perversions, and extreme experiences. Obesity, hedonism, bestiality, and vice reigned among the aristocracy. They drank blood; they enjoyed raping children and listening to them scream, sob, and plead. This was the perverse, mutated and putrid form humanity had taken that is written about in a large collected work (see: Noah) to follow, same characters, same event, same result, different names, different messages.

And then the Flood changed everything. Entire towns were being wiped out, and the liberal oligarchy could not stop it; hell, they didn’t even know it was going to happen—and they were supposed to know; they held some “divine light of knowledge,” didn’t they? Weren’t they enlightened, illuminated?

The people started not to think so; the world seemed to be ending, and they lost faith. There was a great uprising. The people were told later that the gods were angry with the filthy, cruel, evil oligarchs and the flood was their punishment (one of the liberal oligarchs laments that she should have concerned herself more with living beings rather than riches and objects and pleasure). Later still, in a great book, the people would be told that the Deluge was the result of a wicked, sinful, greedy, evil-doing populace. Actually, both reasons were true.

Good thing the conservatives built the Ark and saved one town—when they resettled the Fertile Crescent later, they would start building large walled cities, to prevent any future flood from destroying their great works.

Around the time of the—last—Flood, 5600 BC, the conservatives took back religion and some degree of freedom (the world’s first civil rights movement) and entered into a covenant with the ruling liberal aristocracy, which was a matriarchy, all of which brought about the age of Kings (Sumer). Gilgamesh was the first; he sold out his conservative brothers to a large degree, but things had improved for a while. Nevertheless, the Kings that followed increasingly became cruel and violent, being swayed by the ever-growing court of liberals around them. Members of this court would grow into a shadow government.

By this time, resources had run out in Mesopotamia (over-farmed; devoid of trees; top soil gone due to pastoral herds eating roots everywhere for many centuries—and the Arabian desert was born), so the ruling liberals began using temple prostitutes (and beer) to draw in the sweaty, hairy, hunting conservatives from nearby woods, converting them into a soldier class, to protect the liberal King’s wealth and to be used as an armed force to conquer neighbouring tribes (and stealing their resources). They would tell their people that bad monsters lived there—demon creatures who must be destroyed—like what Sumeria first did to Lebanon (for timber, since Sumer had none), making slaves out of the vanquished. It was the invention of propaganda and set into motion a pattern of tyrannical, raptorial foreign policy that every nation since has copied (and Rome perfected).

Another condition of this covenant was marriage. It was still based upon husbandry (the domestication of wild animals—which is of course where the word “husband” comes from; old Norse hus = house + bondi = dwell, build, cultivate), but the conservatives were being treated a bit better than they had been before the Deluge, what with the third class status and their slum residences located away from their mates and offspring and all. Parts of this old covenant remain: the ring, a smaller symbol of the golden crown of ruling liberals, and the genuflection (kneeling, which is what commoners do in the presence of royalty, the old liberal elite) upon proposal of marriage.

The fashion of the era changed dramatically for conservatives: before the liberal invention of agriculture, they had long hair and beards, wore leather pants and shirts and coats, as well as furs; and after agriculture they were clean-shaven, perfumed, donning jewels if they were of high enough standing, and they all wore dresses like the liberal aristocracy had stipulated. (The lower in society, the lower the skirt; the priests and others wore the longest gowns. They still do to this day: see judges and the Pope.) It would not be until the early settlement of the Americas before conservatives started wearing pants again.

Some time during this, male cattle replaced male children in sacrifice (even though men were still being circumcised and made into eunuchs); this is why in many places the bull (or ram) is revered, and in India it’s actually held as sacred and not killed (yes, they will eat beef if someone else kills it; it was never “sacred cow;” it’s in fact “sacred bull”), which is common knowledge. Vegetarianism began not as any sort of “healthy lifestyle,” nor was it about eating meat at all; it was originally about what the gods/goddesses of the liberals of old were eating.

However, even though boys stopped getting their balls chopped off for Astarte, male sacrifice continued in a more subtle form: seasonal warfare.

And of course by the time of Jesus, with all the “I am the lamb” stuff, the “I am the sacrifice” stuff, well, this doomed the liberal cult of Astarte and her ilk. The next true conservative social movement began, and the practice of almost all forms of animal sacrifice faded away (although some forms of plant sacrifice remained—ever offer your sweetheart some flowers?—you’re carrying on an ancient ritual of offering life to the idols of the liberal aristocracy).

Male sacrifice crept back under the Catholic Church (once the Eastern Roman Empire absorbed the conservative movement of Jesus, the castrati was eventually formed: the practice of castration of young boys for the Church choirs), with no doubt much liberal infiltration to bring “Mary” (the pig goddess Astarte wearing a nun’s costume) back into observance.

Things started looking grim for the conservatives again, but then Martin Luther came along and another religious revolution took place—and the Protestants were born.

The conservatives did alright for a while, although the devious liberals were at it again. They had begun a secret society called the “Illuminati,” a much more organized and connected organization than the other types they’d tried before, and came up with a plan for overthrowing the conservatives and their pesky Elohim-type one-god stuff; lingering in the Pagan shadows, they had continued their religious rituals and practices, but now they were gaining new minions fleeing persecution from the out-of-control Catholic Church, which they had also infiltrated to a large extent.

After discovery in Bavaria and further persecution, plotting their revenge, they proceeded to infiltrate the Masonic organizations, then later the banks. After all, they had invented money as another tool to draw in wild, good-hearted and hard-partying conservatives out of their forested places and into the cities. And enslave them there doing something called “work,” which remains a sub-religion to this day, now more specialized as a “trade” or “career.”

And we all know the rest—things have come full circle: the conservatives are once more under the cloud of liberal tyranny, whose scientific collaborators have brought the entire planet within their grasp, and they are pressing hard and gaining ground fast as they implement their “New Secular Order.”

There. Just filled in some crucial gaps…okay, but his was funnier.

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